Water Pipes on Mars – Professional Opinion – Paul Pazzaglini

The below image is evidence first brought to my attention by Paul Pazzaglini, President of P&L International here in the USA. As you can see this larger partially buried smooth cylindrical object stands out big time among the rocks in the terrain and is very easy to notice. That’s because the terrain geology around it is rough with many irregular rough shapes while the object itself is very round and very smooth.

Those contacting me about this object were asking me what I thought it might be. As I told them then and as I’m observing now, to me this object at first looks like the female end of a large clay hard ceramic coated pipe that carries liquids and is normally buried in the ground. In fact, there are a number of things that it could be including a gas cylinder or even an aircraft engine, etc. However, of all the things I can think of, every last one is something of artificial manufacture and nothing from natural geology comes to mind. I think that is significant and so should you.


About pazzaglini

P&L International, Inc. CEO: Currently I am President and CEO of P&L International, Inc. an International Business Corporation operating world wide in 35 countries including the domestic US. I started my career in 1977 with Tektronix, Inc. as a technical sales engineer for the IDD division after graduating from college. My studies included a degree in Oceanography and Business Administration in North Carolina. My professional experience began in Beaverton, Oregon working on top secret security operations for the US government's department of energy. Currently our company's focus is on terrestrial spacecraft designed to work independently anywhere on earth or in space. Our goal is to be the backup infrastructure that is operational after the current infrastructure is no longer available for any reason.
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